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About Trinity Home Advisors

When you need protection for one of your most valuable assets – your home – you want experienced professionals on your side!

We also believe that your home is your most important investment outside of your family.

Our three Founders at Trinity Home Advisors have more than 100 years combined experience serving homeowners!

During that time, we’ve learned that the number one reason people fall behind on their mortgage payment is because of unexpected expenses. And home repairs are one of the largest unplanned expenses most homeowners will eventually face.

A home warranty is not just a smart way to protect your home, but a very affordable way to help reduce the risk of unexpected home repairs having a negative impact on your finances.

That’s why we created Trinity Home Advisors – to help homeowners protect what’s most important!

Trinity Home Advisors was created to help protect homeowners from unexpected expenses while providing a level of transparency never before seen in the home warranty industry.

Meet Trinity Home Advisors Founder - Joseph Margiotta

The CEOs of most home warranty companies hide behind corporations and LLCs. Not us.

Trinity Home Advisors was founded by Joseph Margiotta, a 30+ year veteran of the real estate industry.

The leadership team we’ve assembled has a deep appreciation and respect for the importance of homeownership, having helped thousands of homeowners achieve their dream of buying a home over our combined 100+ years of experience in real estate.

During that time, we’ve observed that the number one reason people fall behind on their mortgage payments is unexpected expenses. This includes home repairs, which continue to be one of the largest unplanned expenses homeowners eventually face.

That’s why we created Trinity Home Warranty…

To help you protect your home with a policy that’s the best in the industry, priced at an affordable rate, and backed by a team of professionals who genuinely care about helping you when you need it most.

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