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About us

When you need protection for one of your most valuable assets – your home – you want experienced professionals on your side!

We also believe that your home is your most important investment outside of your family.

Our three Founders at Trinity Home Advisors have more than 100 years combined experience serving homeowners!

During that time, we’ve learned that the number one reason people fall behind on their mortgage payment is because of unexpected expenses. And home repairs are one of the largest unplanned expenses most homeowners will eventually face.

A home warranty is not just a smart way to protect your home, but a very affordable way to help reduce the risk of unexpected home repairs having a negative impact on your finances.

That’s why we created Trinity Home Advisors – to help homeowners protect what’s most important!

Ready to get started?

What Is A Home Warranty?

A warranty for your home is an annually renewable service contract that provides protection should you experience a covered event that needs repair or replacement. Home warranties significantly help cut the cost of the repair or replacement of the systems and appliances you rely on in your home every day. A home warranty compliments your homeowner’s insurance by protecting things that your homeowner’s insurance does not cover.
A Trinity Home Advisorsservice plan is very much like a standard home warranty, but a Trinity Home Advisors service plan goes well beyond the norms of the home warranty industry. We offer exclusive member perks. In addition to helping with the cost and repair of your home appliances and systems, our service plan provides Trinity Home Advisors members with exclusive pricing on home maintenance services, new appliances, and a variety of home services — from tech installation and setup to pre-season HVAC tune-ups, and many more. Ask a Trinity Home Advisors representative today to find out more about our exclusive member perks and services offered.

Why do I need one?

It is a proactive and very low-cost way to cover home repairs that will be needed on appliances and systems that you rely upon every day. When a covered item breaks down, Trinity Home Advisors steps in to help cover the cost to repair it. If malfunctioning item cannot be repaired, Trinity Home Advisors will replace the item, subject to the limitations and any potential exclusions of your plan. In summary, it saves you both money AND the time it would take up as you searched for a qualified contractor.

Are They Worth It?

The cost to repair or replace an A/C unit without a warranty can be up to $3,800*. Because A/C units are covered in all three of our service plans, if a covered breakdown occurs, you only pay the Trade Service Call Fee you selected ($75, $100 or $150) when you purchased your plan. The malfunctioning item will be repaired or replaced subject to the coverage limitations and any potential exclusions in your plan. The cost to repair or replace a refrigerator without a warranty can be up to $1,500*. Refrigerators are covered in our ShieldGold and ShieldPlatinum plans. When you think about all of the home systems and appliances you use every day, repair and replacement costs can add up quickly. A Trinity Home Advisors service plan is the BEST way to protect your home AND your budget.