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Home Warranty FAQ

A home warranty is a contract that lasts for a certain interval, typically one year, between a homeowner and an insurer working with contractors that repair various appliances. The insurer covers repairs and replacements of major systems (i.e., plumbing) and appliances that might otherwise cost thousands of dollars out-of-pocket to fix. For example, if your air conditioning system or refrigerator were to break down unexpectedly, repairs, or a replacement, including installation, will be mostly covered by your home warranty policy. You will have to pay a minimal fee for the service call, but this will put you in touch with the many experts that have been vetted by, and are partnered with, Trinity Home Advisors.

Even if your appliances and systems are brand new, you must face the fact that anything can quit working at any time. Appliances and major home systems are certainly not unlike automobiles or electronic devices which can break down on their own, be accidentally damaged by the owner, or succumb to wear and tear due to aging. 

Some of these appliances or systems may still be under a manufacturer’s warranty, but, most likely, this would not apply to your older household items. That means you are personally responsible for all repairs or replacements. Not only can these costs add up, but you also may not know a contractor that you can trust well enough to repair your major systems or appliances, but Trinity Home Advisors does!

A home warranty can be purchased for your home at any time during your ownership. But they are not just for protecting yourself from spending out-of-pocket to fix or replace malfunctioning items. They are also purchased during real estate transactions by the buyer, for peace of mind, or the seller, to entice the buyer. 

Honestly, the best time to purchase a home warranty is before expenses get out of control. It costs much less to purchase a plan from us than it ever would to repair a big-ticket item, let alone replace it.

Trinity Home Advisors has formed a trusted network of reputable and knowledgeable area experts in various fields, such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC technology. These repairmen are certified, licensed, and insured, and screened thoroughly by us.

Because every plan is different, this can be a difficult question to answer. Every homeowner will have his or her own unique needs. Everyone has different appliances and systems in their homes. Some folks even have plan add-ons for items, such as swimming pools, which are not part of the typical packages offered by Trinity Home Advisors. Because of these discrepancies, it is best to come in for a personal estimate.

“Service agreement” is simply another term for a home warranty and the two phrases can be used interchangeably. Both are contracts between a homeowner and us that provide replacements, including installations, and repairs, of major home systems and appliances via our curated lists of subcontractors.

Usually, a homeowners’ insurance policy is purchased to protect a home and its contents from catastrophic weather events, fires, and, sometimes, flooding. That said, such a policy will not cover basic wear and tear, mechanical failure, or accidental damage. A home warranty takes over in these situations and provides you with the relief of knowing that you won’t be financially ruined due to an unexpected breakdown.