SINK or Swim–Here’s How To Take Care Of Your Garbage Disposal

Are you sick of dealing with a broken garbage disposal in your kitchen? Clogged, smelly, and noisy disposals are not only frustrating but can also be hazardous to your health. Luckily, maintaining your garbage disposal doesn’t require much time or effort – here’s what you need to know about keeping it running like new!

A Quality Cleaner Makes All The Difference

First off, invest in a good quality disposal cleaner. This will help keep your unit clean and functioning properly for years to come. You can find cleaners specifically designed for this task at most hardware stores or online retailers. Additionally, regularly pouring boiling water down the drain before using the disposal machine can loosen and remove any food particles stuck within its blades.

Avoid Putting These Items In

On top of regular maintenance, you’ll also want to avoid putting certain items into the garbage disposal such as egg shells, coffee grounds, grease, and fibrous vegetables like potato peels or celery stalks. These items build up over time and will eventually clog up the drainpipe. Furthermore, try to avoid putting large amounts of food waste in the disposal since too much strain on the motor can cause it to overload and break down prematurely.

Call A Professional When There’s Trouble

Finally, always remember that when dealing with a clogged or jammed disposal unit it is important not to use any sharp tools like screwdrivers or forks in an attempt to unclog it yourself as these could cause major damage if improperly handled. Instead, contact a professional plumber who can safely take care of the issue without putting you at risk for injury or causing additional harm to your plumbing system. A plumber should be able to identify any underlying issues that are contributing to your problem such as tree roots being lodged in pipes underground or debris buildup from improper cleaning methods. Taking proper care of your garbage disposal is key in helping it last longer and avoiding any unnecessary costly repairs in the future. And while periodic checkups by professional plumbers may seem like an extra expense it’s often worth more than our peace of mind knowing that our plumbing system is working just fine!

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